Countering Indian terrorism

Dr Muhammad Khan

The arrest of Indian RAW terrorist, Commander Kulbhushan Yadav, from Pakistani soil (Balochistan) is a direct evidence of Indian state sponsor terrorism in Pakistan. Nevertheless, for decades India has been misleading the world about Pakistan. On its part, Pakistan has fought a long war against terrorism and still doing so for the secure future of its own people in particular and world in general. Indeed, against the menace of terrorism, Pak Army achieved what world’s top most armies, equipped with most modern and sophisticated weapons and equipment could not achieve.
On its part, India has sponsored terrorism and destabilised almost all its South Asian neighbours. It has promoted and sponsored LTTE in Sri Lanka, Moist in Maldives, Mukti Bahanis in former East Pakistan, and so many others networks in other countries of South Asia. Theses terrorist activities were sponsored by India through its infamous spying network, the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW). The sole objective of creation of RAW in 1968 was to have a spying network, which destabilise the neighbors through terrorist activities and maintain Indian dominance and supremacy over them. In a way, India had thought of its dominant role in the region through terrorist activities right after a decade of its independence.
Pakistan had the evidences of Indian state sponsored terrorism for decades. In the past, Pakistan also presented the proofs of Indian terrorism to UN, US and even shared the information with all friendly countries. However, the influential countries of the world had their economic and political stakes in India, thus gave less attention to Pakistani complaints. Now with this irrefutable evidence, Pakistan can plead its case of being the worst target of Indian state sponsored terrorism in front of international community and UN body. In this regard, some of the steps have already been taken and capitals of P5 states have been approached and appraised about and efforts are being made for reaching over to United Nations for apprising this world body about the covert terrorist activities of India. The world body (UNO) and the major powers must take a serious note of Indian terrorists activities in Pakistan and other South Asian countries. These Indian activities in fact are anti-thesis of the global campaign against terrorism.
While analysing the terror sponsoring by India, one would learn that, India has a very refined and well-established mechanism. Indian RAW plan and execute all its activities in Pakistan through a third country. This indeed is true following of its realist scholar and jurist, Chanakya (Kau?ilya), who proposed then Emperor (Chandragupta) to have good relations with the neighbor(s) of neighbor in his famous write-up, “Arthashastra” the science of politics. In the context of Pakistan, India has been making use of Afghan soil for promoting extremism and terrorism since 2002. The TTP and many other so-called religious organizations were on the direct payroll of RAW. These organizations are involved in many terrorist activities all over Pakistan. Similarly, the Iranian soil has been used quite extensively for the promotion of terrorism (sub-nationalism) in Balochistan.
Interestingly, India made use of Afghan and Iranian soil against Pakistan and these two countries let that happen unhindered against their brother Islamic country. Nobody can imagine that, Indian RAW used the soil of these countries without taking onboard their intelligence agencies, which operate with consent of their respective governments. Commander Kulbhushan Jadav had official visa of the Iran and how could he move to Pakistan without the consent of Iranian intelligence setup. Iran has a very strong and vigilant intelligence network, which keeps everyone under surveillance.
Not only Kulbhushan but also many more like Rakesh alias Rizwan are still working in Iran as RAW agent. Pakistan has demanded the Iranian Government to provide the record of the RAW network and activities of its agents. Unfortunately, the Iranian response was in the form of retaliation and instead asked Pakistan to stop its media, raising the issue, publically and no mention was made of the arrest of Kulbhushan and activities of RAW from its soil. After a meeting with Iranian Ambassador in Pakistan, the Interior Minister, Ch Nisar Ali tried to cover up the entire episode and even cautioned the media, which put into debate the activities of RAW for the first time.
Since, these terrorists’ activities were launched from Iranian soil; therefore, a perspective of Iranian role would have automatically come in question in the mainstream Pakistani media. Rather being so skeptical about a reality, Iran could have stopped India from promoting terrorism in pakistan, going on unimpeded since late 1990s. If diplomatic norms are applicable for Pakistan, others too need to follow those. Should the Pakistani neighbours allow their soil to be used by Indian spying network for terrorist activities in Pakistan and expect Pakistan to make no complaint too?
On its part, Pakistan always supported the Iranian cause and even helped in the arrest of head of Jundallah, Abdolmalek Rigi, while travelling from UAE to a Central Asian country. Regi was later hanged by Iran, which ended this terrorist organization, Jundallah too. Such like dedicated supports from Pakistan, demands a proportionate response from Pakistan. Similarly, Afghan soil is vehemently being used by the India for terrorist activities and destabilizing Pakistan and despite proofs and formal complaints; Afghan Government has not been able to stop the Indian doorway into Pakistani soil and its spying network, NDS is in total control of RAW.
Being brother Islamic countries, geographically contiguous with Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan must understand that, India is pursuing its own strategic objectives. Indeed, it is friend of neither of these and nor of Pakistan. During the imposition of sanctions, it voted against Iran and constantly destabilizing Afghanistan by supporting a particular segment in that country and sabotaging the Afghan peace process. Therefore, there is a need that, Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan should search for the solution of their domestic and inter-state predicaments themselves, rather relying on countries like India. Whereas India would always like to create misunderstandings among these cherished neighbors and exploit them accordingly, they should look for bilateral or trilateral negotiated solutions for their inter-state and even at time intra-state disputes.
As an immediate CBM, Indian spying network, RAW should be dismantled from the soil of Iran and Afghanistan. Furthermore, diplomatic and official channels should govern the bilateral and trilateral relationship between Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan, rather media exploiting the situations.
— The writer is International Relations analyst based in Islamabad.

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