Amna Nadeem

Corruption in Pakistan impedes the process of development and progress. Developed nations have evolved ways and means to uproot corruption from the society but in our country, unfortunately, every sector and every institution is highly infected with this deadly disease. Rampant corruption for the personal gains has very negatively affected our economy. Almost the entire society of Pakistan is plagued with this disease and the International Transparency has listed us as No. 134 in terms of corruption. Poverty is the main cause of corruption because most of the people extort illegal wealth for their luxurious lifestyle thus depriving the common man in jeopardy.
Due to corruption, not much money is left for social sectors like education and health, that’s why these facilities are going down and down by the day. The institutions whose responsibility is to check corruption are seemingly very week and they cannot prevent the powerful from this practice. Some say they are themselves involved in corruption. It is high time to curb this menace, otherwise it will be too late and controlling it will be an impossible task.

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