Corruption probe

This refers to the news report ‘Shahbaz says PTI, NAB are in unholy alliance’ (October 18). The absurdity of Shahbaz’s statement becomes obvious when we consider that the current NAB Chairman was handpicked by the previously ruling PML-N and its loyal opposition PPP which would naturally have selected someone who posed no real ‘resistance or threat’ to their astronomical corruption. And while the NAB officials sometimes talk and act tough, we have seen no meaningful action against any of the culprits dealt by them.
There was big excitement when the prime minister of the country Nawaz Sharif, his daughter and son-in-low got thrown into the prison, the first two for fairly long period. But see how easily NAB managed to give them ‘relief’ through sloppy prosecution and failed even to try to secure a stay order against suspension of sentences, enabling the three to exit the prison gleefully.
But finding even this cosy arrangement to be inconvenient, Shahbaz Sharif has asked, duly supported by Khurshid Shah, for corruption cases to be probed by a Parliamentary Committee. And I suppose seeing how well the Parliament looks after its members – having substantially increased their salary and perks frequently – the arrangement could prove even more suitable for Sharifs.
But whether this arrangement would benefit the country and the nation – which want to stop this astronomical corruption, as also to recover the national wealth looted earlier – is a different matter altogether, which does not interest PML-N and PPP leaders. Their confidence in the ‘system’ and their lethargy can be judged from the fact that they did not even bother to make NAB laws more corruption-friendly in the ten years they had between them. And of course relatives of the innocent victims of Model Town massacre are still awaiting justice.

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