Corruption of millions makes Hilal ur Rehman Senator


Sophia Siddiqui

Islamabad—Using money and horse trading to become senator is not new in our country but since every senator is not a millionaire, how do they manage money to make their seats confirmed in the upper house is totally a different story – the one that is evident from the story of Senator Hilal ur Rehman who fraudently pocketed money from a trader in Islamabad named Waheed ul Rehman.
Just before the Senate elections in 2012, Hilal ur Rehman and his brother MNA Bilalur Rehman started search of a potential party to arrange funds for the Senate seat. This search took them to Waheed ul Rehman who gave Rs 250 million to them on the promise that he (Waheed ul Rehman) will be made the member of the Senate.
However, the two brothers hoodwinked the trader and instead of helping him become the senator used the money to make Hilal ul Rehman the Senator. The two brothers had promised the trader that they will return the money immediately if they failed to make Waheed ul Rehman the Senator. However, despite the passage of many years, this amount has not yet been returned to Waheed ul Rehman.
According to the trader, he had given the money to the senator and the MNA in the presence of witnesses.
However, the two brothers not only shattered the dream of Waheed ul Rehman of becoming the Senator but despite the passage of so many years, they have yet not returned the money to the trader.
It is worth mentioning that Waheed ul Rehman had managed the money from his friends, traders and family members. As Waheed-ul-Rehman failed to pay back the money, one of his business friends from whom he had got the money, filed cases against Waheed ul Rehman as well as Hilal-ur-Rehman and his MNA brother.
FIR no 594 by complainer Amjad Hussain and other cases were registered against Hilal ur Rehman and his brother under section 406 PPC. Pakistan Observer has obtained all the relevant documents and copies of FIR’s registered against the senator and the MNA.
Announcing a verdict recently, Magistrate Waqar Masroor while declaring Hilal ur Rehman and his brother proclaimed offenders ordered their arrest.
However, when this correspondent contacted Hilal ur Rehman, he said being the parliamentarian, he enjoys immunity not to be arrested by the police. When this scribe contacted the police officials, they said that a letter will soon be written to the Chairman Senate and the Speaker National Assembly for the arrest of Hilal ur Rehman as well as his MNA brother.

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