Corruption is enemy we are fighting out: Kerry


Hameed Shaheen

Islamabad—US Secretary of State Mr John Kerry has warned that “we are fighting a battle, all of us, for our states, for our countries, for our nation-state. Corruption writ large is as muc of an enemy, because if destorys nation-states, as some of the extremists we are fighting or some of the other challenges that we have faced.
He observed this in his remarks at the anti-corruption summit plenary in London Friday. British Prime Minister David Cameron and other dignitaries were also present in the plenary session.
John Kerry said: ‘I have been shocked by the degree to which I find corruption pandemic in the world today. And it attacks all of our states, because we’re left desperately struggling to figure out, okay, how are we going to build a bridge, how are we going to provide health care, how are we going to build those schools. We have hundreds of millions of kids – 2 billion children under the age of 15 – who’re going to need to go to school’.
Likening financial corruption to a criminal activity he said literally it is a destroyer of nation-states because it contributes to drug trafficking, arms smuggling; it contributes to human trafficking; it becomes the facilitator of activities that create sub-states – in some cases deep states – within states, and we’re left struggling, fighting. It is a contributor to terrorism, my friends, in many different ways.
And the extremism that we see in the world today comes in no small degree from the utter exasperation that people have with the sense that the system is rigged. And we see this anger manifesting itself in different forms in elections around the world, including ours. People are angry and the anger is going to grow unless we shut the doors and try to prove to people there’s a fairness that can be established in the system.
About legislative at home the Secretary of State said that President Obama just announced – all 50 states, legislation will be put in place to require transparency with respect to businesses that are registered there. We will in addition engage in additional efforts which were already – we’re going to put $70 million into additional integrity initiative to help with local police training in order to help provide additional ability for digital – for internet transmission of payments, which reduces the opportunity for bribery and graft. And there are many different things that we can do technologically to improve this.

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