Corruption in NADRA Dadu

According to the World Bank and WHO estimates, at least 10% of our country’s total population is disabled persons (PWDs) which comes to 18 million. Of these 18 million PWDs, only about 136000 PWDs have been registered with National Database & Registration Authority (NADRA) and has been issued national identity cards. The government enunciates that PWDs are being provided jobs, rehabilitation and other facilities, but still in some departments PWDs are being pressed to the wall. They are being harassed, humiliated and discouraged. For example, one of my disable cousins, who is an MA, has been trying to get special person CNIC card from the NADRA office Dadu, near civil hospital. He paid more than 3 visits to NADRA office, but all the time he was denied of his basic and legal rights.
First, he was asked to visit Social Welfare Office Hyderabad for the verification of his disability certificate, so he visited SWO Hyderabad, but the poor soul was advised to bring recommendation letter from the NADRA office. In spite of issuing recommendation letter, the NADRA officials misbehaved with him and told him to get a fresh certificate. Although, neither there was need of verification of the original certificate nor fresh certificate was required. He complained to the NADRA Chairman as well but all in vein. The fact of the matter is that, NADRA Dadu has been converted into a hub of corruption, whoever pays money s/he is provided with every kind of facility. Even a number of agents met with my cousin and asked for bribe from him and assured him that he would be given special person card within days, but he refused to pay them anything.
My cousin has been undergoing endurance for the last two months to get his special person CNIC. Importantly, he has qualified a written test of a job on disabled quota, but he had not been permitted in interview because of the unavailability of the special person CNIC. His future is on jeopardy. Concerned authorities are requested to look into this matter and take stern action against the non-cooperative behaviour of NADRA Dadu.
Taluka Johi, District Dadu

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