Corruption eroding Pakistan

Muhammad Tanveer

I would like to draw the attention of the authorities concerned towards a serious matter. As we all know that corruption remains a substantial obstacle in the development of Pakistan. It is increasing day by day. Every segment of society practises it freely. In Pakistan the roots of corruption are very deep and strong. The evil of corruption has widely spread in practical life like a cancer. According to the survey of reliable agencies the corruption of last four years is more than billions of rupees and the general observations reveal that the condition of different government organisations and its departments is worst and there is no good governance and proper check and balance system to monitor the government departments. In Pakistan the judiciary is not independent as government is trying to pressurise it so, it is not in a condition to run itself independently. The rampant corruption in each sector from lower level to higher level made the economic condition of the country worst. Due to corruption unemployment is increasing, non-availability of jobs for the deserving youth in our country, so, new generation is inclined to crimes. Unfortunately so-called democratic government as well as Parliament are not playing them deserve able roles, they are not legislating such laws from which majority of poor people can get relief and benefits. Economic prosperity in the real sense is the backbone of the country, if it is weakened or comes in recession, country cannot survive. I request the govt to take substantial and meaningful measures to eliminate corruption from every nook and corner of Pakistan.

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