Corruption control

Abid Saeed

It is a common fact that we usually buy or purchase anything after thorough investigation of that typical thing. But unfortunately, businessmen in Pakistan do not bother to conduct background check before hiring employees and that is just to save money. This is the reason that business and corporate sector is not safe in Pakistan. Fraudsters easily hit businesses for their own benefits. There are many examples when employees caused loss of millions to companies because companies just saved money by not conducting proper background investigation before hiring. Unfortunately there is no law which can bind our corporate sector to conduct proper due diligence of employees.
Currently, in Pakistan, Terrorism is major issue and in many cases employees from very sensitive institutions were involved as facilitators. As per my research, there are many firms like CRI Group who are operating in Pakistan having certified fraud examiners on board. Corporate sector must invest little amount for the safety of their interest as well as the safety of Pakistan. Corruption in corporate world is far more dangerous than any other form of corruption. Awareness must be spread to every individual through regular sessions for employees by inviting anti-fraud experts. Government should also come up with a strict law for corporate sector to make background screening of every employee before hiring or signing any contract.

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