Corruption, a cancer

Tabinda Zahra

Corruption is an inexcusable act, which must not be indulged in at any cost and should be punishable. But when societies stop condoning or perpetrating corrupt behaviours, it acts like a cancer and has to be nipped in the bud. In such a system, it does not remain merely an individual act but acquires the status of a norm or cultural practice. It’s cultural and not just a superficial phenomenon that gets entrenched into the system. Also, it’s not just an individual act because the society is influenced by such behaviour directly and indirectly, and becomes a routine matter. It seems that Pakistan as a consumer society is a haven for those who earn easy money, a society of greedy and arrogant elites, fashion and class conscious middle class who are struggling for higher social status – all exploiting the illiterate poor. Governmental malpractices, bribery, nepotism are something not new for developing societies. The question arises: how these practices have become part and parcel of their society? Research provides significant importance to institution of democratic governance. Democratic culture contributes towards transparency, accountability, empowers democratic institutions and a politically conscious civil society. Working democracy, effective institutions and efficient mechanisms for accountability have not flourished in Pakistan. The colonial powers created a system in which rewards were given on the basis of loyalty; their policies promoted structures of nepotism, corruption and feudalism. Feudalism, with roots in colonial era accounts for a potent reason in hampering democracy in Pakistan. The society has to build its edifice on respect, hard work, merit and ethical norms. This cannot be done without an aware, educated, and sensitized society. Investment in educational reforms and ethical norms can discourage the curse of corruption. Weeding out corruption will raise the morale of nation, promote positive image inside and outside the country and enhance national integration and security. It is said that the fish starts rotting from its head, in the same way; a society shows decay and degradation in its leadership which seeps down to the common man.

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