Corrupt should be questioned about assets: Alvi


NAB is an autonomous body, has no ties with any political party: Javed

Sarwar Awan


The President, Dr Arif Alvi, said on Sunday that corruption from the country needs to be eradicated and the corrupt elements should be questioned about their assets.
Addressing a seminar held here at the President House on the occasion of International Anti-Corruption Day, President Alvi said, “The biggest hindrance to country’s progress is corruption. No society can claim it is safe from corruption but if there is fear of God in the people then there would be no need of any law and court.”
The president said, “Billions of Pakistani rupees are in Swiss banks. Billions of dollars are stolen from Pakistan and sent abroad while children are begging in the streets.
Dr Arif further said that there is a negative effect on the society if there is no rule of rule, however, for our dream of Naya Pakistan we have to stop corruption in the country.
President Alvi explaining the meaning of Naya Pakistan said there should be regard for the law. “To eliminate corruption the leaders should be neutral, true and honest,” he added.
The President expressed the resolve to strengthen NAB in order to better check corruption. He called corruption “an assault on humanity” adding that corruption cases should be taken to their logical conclusion by strengthening prosecution.
Meanwhile, NAB Chairman Justice Javed Iqbal addressing the seminar warned elements in society trying to “spread propaganda” against NAB that the people of Pakistan were not so gullible that they could not differentiate between right and wrong.
He said that the bureaucracy had been worried since he came to power, but assured them that he himself had remained a bureaucrat and would use the resources available to NAB with integrity and “in the best possible way”. Describing the country’s bureaucracy as its spine, he said that “if it hurts, therapy must be done”.
“The Supreme Court has said this many times, that every bureaucrat will only follow those orders which are in according with law,” he said, adding that the apex court had in the past always taken action in the event that a bureaucrat was being treated unfairly.
“People should know that NAB is using it’s authority,” Iqbal said. He added that those who had called NAB “dead wood” were now, to some extent, willing to accept that it had become a tree with branches and was in bloom.
“Whether you do propaganda or not, NAB must continue its work,” the chairman stated. He said that we are no longer living in a time “when you are given a wrong order and you say that it is okay”. He said that every step taken by NAB will be for the citizens and state of Pakistan.
Justice Javed asserted that the accountability watchdog is an autonomous body and has no ties with any political party. “We are moving towards our goal of eliminating corruption,” he said.
“Everyone wants accountability but everyone also wants to be exempted,” he maintained. He added that “it is a legitimate question to ask where the money is being spent but some take this question as an insult”. Justice Iqbal said that the accountability watchdog has the right to inquire.
Iqbal said, “Governments come and go and no government should feel that NAB is looking at them.”
He continued, “When I asked someone I found out that instead of spending Rs500,000, Rs5 million were spent and in place of Rs5 million, Rs500 million were spent. This is the poor nation’s money. Those who owned 70cc motorbikes, today own huge towers in Dubai.”

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