Corrupt elements changing parties, but not to escape accountability: Siraj ul Haq


ISLAMABAD : Ameer, Jamaat e Islami, Pakistan, Senator Sirajul haq, has said that the MMA was facing the agents of international establishment but it would inflict a crushing defeat on them in the election with the power of the people.

Addressing MMA public meetings at Aza Khel park Naushera and Kheshgi on Wednesday, he further said that the corrupt elements were changing parties but they would not be able to escape accountability.

The MMA would conduct a indiscriminate and ruthless accountability and recover every pie of the public money plundered by the corrupt. And the recovered amount would be spent on public welfare and development.

Sirajul haq said that the past rulers had not implemented their election manifestoes due to which the country was facing numerous problems.

He said that Pakistan was established in the name of Islam but the Islamic system was not enforced here even for a single day nor any decision was taken in the light of the Quran and the Sunnah. He said the very first point in the MMA manifesto was the enforcement of the Nizam e Mustafa. He urged the masses to trust the MMA and make its drive against corruption a success.

The JI chief that if the plunderers thought that they would escape accountability, they were mistaken as the MMA would not allow any of them to escape. He said the MMA was an alliance of neat and clean people and it had presented an honest and corrupt free team in the election.

He said that the Khyber PK had made record progress even during the MMA government in the past. A separate women university was established and free books were supplied to the students and free medicines were provided to the patients.

The MMA government in Khyber PK was a model and corruption free government as had also been acknowledge at international level. He said if the MMA got a chance , it would establish a clean and corruption free government in the centre as well.

The JI chief said that unemployment was the biggest problem facing the country and highly educated and qualified youth were rushing from one end to the other in search of jobs. He said business had collapsed due to load shedding and factories and were shut and people were committing suicide.

He said that around three lakh young men were graduating from the country’s universities every year but the government did not jobs for even fifty thousand. Thus, the educated youth became a burden on their parents.

He said the MMA government would provide respectable jobs to the youth and till the provision of jobs, they would be given unemployment allowance. He further said that around twenty million children of school age were out of schools at present. He assured that the MMA would provide books and pen to these children.

He said the MMA had a clear agenda for the development of the country and urged the nation to show confidence in the MMA and get rid of the coterie of the corrupt.

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