Corporal punishment in Madaris

Madaris are the places where holy books are taught. Unfortunately, most of the Madaris in Pakistan are involved in activities like corporal punishment. Children of very small age come there for knowing about their religion. But while they face so many atrocities, they try to convince their parents that they won’t go to madrassah. Sadly, again the parents brutalize even more to their own children of asking to quit the madrassah. What should a child of age 6 do when he faces so many incidents in the place where holy books are taught? On which page of the holy book it is written to beat the children? Islam is the religion of peace which suggests love everyone and make them understand with love as the Holy Prophet (PBUH) did. Why are we neglecting the real teachings of Islam? It hurt me the most while I witness a boy aged 6 who was terribly beaten by a teacher of a madrassah. He was beaten with a huge stick. Despite the cries of the young child, the teacher kept brutalizing on the innocent angel. Why are we so cruel to our children? The government must take action in this regard and ban the corporal punishment in every single madrassah of Pakistan so that we must get the religious teachings peacefully.
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