Corporal punishment

Much has been said and written about the staggering number of children in the fair land of Pakistan whose life, owing to the collective failure of state machinery, rolls around the axis of illiteracy and child-labour because they fail to get enrolled in schools. So let’s not talk about them. Let’s today make those children point of our discussion who are admitted in schools and madrasas. They are the ones whom we expect to rein the country in future. But how this prized-possession is being handled in the places of learning?
Day in and day out, we come upon the cases where children are victimized in the name of punishment by their teachers. Their bones are broken for the sublime purpose of making them regular attendant.. Stick is lavishly exercised on their petal-like body for missing out on homework because according to the Socrates and Aristotles there, more scars on students’ body will guarantee more marks in exams.
One Wednesday, February 21, it was little Ameer Hamza’s turn to get beaten by his teacher at Madrasa in Raharki. Afterwards, the picture of the kid went viral on social media. In the picture, stripped of clothes, it could be seen that Ameer Hamza’s body had exactly the same breathtaking wounds which an eight year old kid if beaten with pipe by an adult without having a trace of grey matter should have. The picture was a naked display of barbarity. Lacks of children already fear such an environment, if conditions at educational institutions do not change for the better then their future would be thrown into darkness. If conditions are not right where they can exhibit their potential, what then makes us optimistic for future?
Mithi, Tharparkar

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