Coronary artery disease main cause of heart disease


THE coronary artery disease is the commonest cause of heart disease and the most important and leading cause of death among men and women in the world. Talking to APP here on Wednesday, Assistant professor & Director interventional Cardiology Isra Uuniversity hospital Dr.Muhammad Kashif Shaikh informed 14 million adults suffer from heart disease every year in US alone. Similarly, he said one heart attack occurs every minute globally and one of every 5 deaths is because of heart disease.
Dr.Kashif Shaikh said that the cases of coronary artery disease are on rise in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh and on the whole, morbidity and mortality both are increasing in south Asian population.
He informed that Pakistan experiencing high prevailing rate of cardiovascular diseases and along with risk factor. About 30 percent of total population of 140 million is suffering different types of coronary disease, he added.
Dr.Kashif Shaikh said that the incidence of the disease varies between the countries but the mortality from this disease rises rapidly with the age. He explained that the reason for the difference incidence is not well understood but probably rates mainly to diet and smoking behavior.
Cardiologists Dr.Kashif Shaikh said that the overweight and fatness is one of the major factors of causing different types of cardio vascular disease and if the parents influence and help children in controlling weight by healthy eating and doing regular physical activity, such major risk factor for heart diseases could be averted. There are 155 million overweight and obese children globally, he informed.
He said that said heart disease and stroke could be preventable if the main risk factors, including high blood pressure, high level of cholesterol and blood glucose, tobacco use, inadequate intake of fruit and vegetables, overweight and obesity and physical inactivity should be reduced, added.
Regular physical activity help to slow down narrowing of the arteries to the heart and brain encourages the body to use up excel store fat, can help to reduce high blood pressure, improves good cholesterol level (HDL cholesterol) and maintain normal glucose level, Dr.Kashif Shaikh said.
He said that the peoples and their communities need to think about how they live to establish good habits that lead to longer and heart healthier lives.

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