Corbyn can be UK PM in unbiased vote system


UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn could have dethroned Prime Minister Theresa May in the recent general election if the election system was not biased towards the ruling Conservatives, a new study has found.
The UK’s current first-past-the-post (FPTP) system prevented Labour from getting 35 seats in the House of Commons in the recent general election, where May saved her position despite losing seats to the opposition, according to the study by the Electoral Reform Society (ERS) published Monday.
May hoped that her gamble in calling a snap vote to win a stronger majority in the parliament would pay off.
However, the outcome of the June 8 vote was nothing short of a disaster as her party lost 14 of the 330 seats they had before. Labour, on the other hand, clinched 30 new seats to reach a total of 261.
The ERS said at least 22 million votes—nearly two-thirds of the total—were “wasted” in the election since they were cast for candidates who did not win or won more votes than they needed to secure the seat.
This is expected in an FPTP voting system, where a very small number of voters in marginal constituencies can ultimately determine the entire result.
That is why some 6.5 million people voted tactically to ensure that their vote was not going to waste because they were living in areas that their favorite parties had no chance to win, the study found.—Agencies

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