Coordination must for saner decision-making

AFTER a long time, the Prime Minister convened and chaired a meeting of PML-N’s Central Working Committee on Monday, which deliberated upon many issues and expressed confidence in the leadership of Mian Nawaz Sharif. The meeting reaffirmed that the tradition to resolve all issues through Parliament and Constitutional and legal institutions should be upheld.
We have been emphasizing in these columns that intra-party and inter-parties consultative processes and sessions should be a must to ensure that affairs of the state are run smoothly and irritants removed through dialogue and discussion as well as give and take. However, this practice is not very much popular with PML-N leadership where consultations and decision-making are believed to be confined to a closed circle of a few. No one should doubt wisdom, sagacity and sincerity of this circle but such an approach legitimately breeds frustration and disappointment as well as lack of ideas and necessary support to brace with the kind of challenges that the Government is presently faced with both on internal and external fronts. As for the external front is concerned, the entire nation is on one page and extends unflinching support to the Government in safeguarding national security and interests but as far as internal political issues are concerned these can only be tackled properly if the party, the Parliament and other political stakeholders are taken on board. There was a dominant perception that the high ups go for consultations only when they are under political or some other pressure. The PML-N withstood a strong storm in 2014 in the shape of sit-ins at D-Chowk and it was mainly because of the vibrant role played by the Parliament and major political parties and leaders that the Government came out unscathed. Lessons should have been learnt and there should have been regular interaction not only with party workers, leaders and elected representatives but also with other political parties but lamentably PML-N errs again and again. Serious-minded and patriotic Pakistanis do understand that PML-N will have to improve internal coordination as well as establish regular contacts with other parties besides support of the masses to avert the turbulent situations.

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