Cooperation, not tussle only way for regional peace: FO

Sophia Siddiqui


Foreign office spokesperson says, cooperation and not confrontation is the only way forward to peace and stability in the region and beyond.
He said, “promises of peace must be reciprocated by actions and not mere words to achieve the desired goal of peace.
He stressed that “unilateral actions by the United States are detrimental to the spirit of cooperation between Islamabad and Washington in the fight against terrorism.”
He said “Pakistan continues to emphasize to the US the importance of sharing actionable intelligence, so that appropriate action is taken against terrorists by our forces within our territory,” adding that the US accusations of the Taliban and Haqqani Network finding safe havens in Pakistan were contrary to the ground realities.
He said India’s arms buildup far exceeds its defenc needs and Pakistan will not remain oblivious to such developments. It will take every step commensurate with the imperatives of its defence and security needs.
He said there exists a clear difference between India‘s declared policy and its actions on ground.
Stressing the need for de-escalating tension to prevent loss of precious lives, the spokesperson said Pakistan believes in peaceful neighborhood but India‘s verbal promises accompanied by continued bloodshed in Occupied Kashmir,as well as on Line of Control and Working Boundary or posturing of alleged surgical strikes are a paradox defying logic.
Responding to a question about India‘s latest Missile experimentations, Dr Faisal said this will negatively impact strategic stability in South Asia.
He said India‘s ambitious missile programme belies its declared policy of restraint. He added that Agni-V missile launch by India unmasks its exacerbating power projection.
To another question about drone strike in Kurram agency, the Spokesperson reiterated that as Pakistan believes in importance of active intelligence sharing; such unilateral actions are detrimental to spirit of cooperation between United States and Pakistan.
He said Pakistan has always maintained that repatriation of Afghan refugees and an Afghan led and Afghan owned peace process is the only panacea for peace in that country as well as in the region.
He added that Afghan Government should work on pull factors to encourage their repatriation. Replying to a question about China Pakistan Economic Corridor, the spokesperson said India continues to hatch conspiracies against this project. To another question about recent narrative by Pakistani religious scholars, he said this further strengthens Pakistan‘s resolve against terrorism and extremism.
He said a United Nations Security Council team is in Pakistan as part of regular visit to countries for monitoring the compliance with the UN sanctions regarding Security Council resolution 1267. The resolution requires all states to freeze funds and economic resources of designated terrorist individuals and entities including Al-Qaida and associated individuals, groups.
The Spokesperson said the UN team also apprises states of the regional and international threats from the terrorist groups and provides feedback as to how the measures can be improved by states in curtailing the terrorist groups.

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