Controversy surrounding AJK PM

DESPITE his categorical clarification that he did not say or mean what a section of media attributed to him, opposition political parties and politicians in Pakistan continue to lash the Azad Kashmir Prime Minister Raja Farooq Haider. The controversy surrounding him should have ended the moment he clarified his position but unfortunately time-serving politicians are exploiting the opportunity to their own political advantage without thinking about the fall out of their utterances and demands.
The way Raja Farooq Haider has been attacked is not only regrettable but also dangerous as it sent highly negative message to people of Azad Kashmir. Already, they are complaining that the territory and its government is handled by officials sitting in Kashmir Affairs Ministry in Islamabad. Now their elected Prime Minister has been abused, which is surely an insult not only to Raja Farooq Haider but also to people of Azad Kashmir as their elected leader has been treated contemptuously. We believe that even if Raja Farooq Haider uttered something objectionable, there was no justification to make it an issue when he reiterated his loyalty with Pakistan and clarified that Kashmiris have no future other than Pakistan. While complaining about the derogatory language used for him, Raja Farooq Haider declared his intention to take his case to Kashmiri people and this would understandably complicate things further. It is quite obvious that the AJK PM is being targeted by Pakistani politicians and parties as he belongs to PML (N) and opportunists want to destabilise Muslim League government in Azad Kashmir forgetting that Mian Nawaz Sharif demonstrated large-heartedness and allowed PPP government in Muzaffarabad to complete its tenure. PML (N) Government in Islamabad never victimized PPP’s AJK government and instead increased financial allocations for the state to expedite the pace of its development. We must realise that the way we are treating Prime Minister of Azad Kashmir might alienate Kashmiris and send discouraging signals across the LoC as well.

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