Contaminated water claims six lives


At least six people have died within four days after drinking contaminated water in District Awaran of Balochistan, Commissioner Kalat Division Muhammad Hashim Ghilzai said. He also shared that currently 120 patients are being treated at Jam Ghulam Qadir Hospital, adding that the incident occurred in Tranchik, a village on the outskirts of Awaran. The people of the area drank contaminated water present in a pothole on May 16. In order to provide aid to the people, the Pakistan Army conducted a special relief and rescue operation in epidemic affected far-flung areas of Awaran on the request of Government of Balochistan, according to an Inter-Service Public Relations statement.
Special Army medical teams with adequate medicines reached Awaran and treated the patients, the statement said, adding that special helicopter was used to evacuate a large number of critical patients of gastro diseases from Tranchik to Hub to provide them with medical relief.—INP

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