Contaminated drinking water contributing to Hepatitis-E

Salim Ahmed

Lahore—Contaminated drinking water, unhealthy and polluted environment, ice drinks and use of substandard and infected syringes are the main causes of rapidly increasing hepatitis in Pakistan.
These thoughts were shared by Professor Dr. Bilal Nasir at TECH Society Club speaking during health seminar on the topic of “Liver diseases, Nutrition and Health” on Sunday, November 13, 2016. Dr. Muhammad Sadiq, Manzoor A. Shaikh, Jameel Gishkori and others were also present. Speaking on the causes and preventions of Liver diseases Professor Dr. Bilal Nasir said that index of liver diseases in South Asian countries is very high due to unhygienic conditions, lack of vaccination and awareness. If we adopt some basic health principles like avoiding sharing towels, tooth brushes, miswak and razors we can reduce hepatitis substantially in Pakistan. Another major reason of rapidly increasing hepatitis is use of non-sterilized apparatus during dental treatments.
Eminent Nutritionist Dr. Mustafa Kamal speaking on “nutrition and health” said that Eggs, Fish, Chicken, Vegetables and Nuts are the most beneficial food for maintaining good health as compared to unhealthy junk food like burgers, sandwiches, candies, ice cream, oils, etc. Answering to a question Dr. Mustafa Kamal said hormones are not used in poultry industry as it was not possible to inject to billions of birds while hormones are not effective orally. Even financially it is not feasible to inject expensive hormones to the billions of birds every year.
This is not in practice everywhere in the world, he added. President TECH Society Manzoor A. Shaikh and General Secretary Dr. Muhammad Sadiq presented bouquets to the guest speaker doctors at the end of health seminar.

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