Consensus on new ToRs


The biggest Panama papers’ leak from the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) lays bare the extent to which corruption, tax evasion is made possible by the global offshore industry. In Pakistan, protest of opposition parties has forced PML-N government to constitute a judicial commission but now it is need of the hour to build consensus on ToRs [Terms of References] to avoid political chaos.
The entire process of investigation depends on ToRs but government did not shared anything with the rival quarters before finalizing it. Had the government serious for accountability, it may have formed an inquiry commission based on mutually agreed ToRs. The government should once again approach the opposition political parties to discuss the new ToRs of the Commission after PPP and PTI rejected the ToRs contained in the letter sent by the government to the Chief Justice of Pakistan. But whatever may be, there should be amicable solution to the matter.
— Chakwal, Bhagwal

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