‘Conscience under seven covers’ exposes double standards in society


Youth Drama Festival 2016

Zubair Qureshi

Islamabad—On the second day of the Youth Drama Festival 2016 at the Pakistan National Council of the Arts (PNCA), ‘Zameer Saat Pardon Main’ or Conscience under Seven Covers was staged.
A team of creative artists comprising students of the Fatima Jinnah Women University, Rawalpindi performed in the play.
The play very artistically presents dichotomy of double standards and hypocrisy in society.
The central theme of the play revolves around the self-discovery and self-recognition of the main character that goes through a journey within and finally discovers the truth.
The play also highlights the social and moral challenges one faces in society. One spends one’s lifetime in getting justice.
Similarly, one has to justify oneself on many an occasion only to give justifications for one’s deeds.
The play, short, exposes the multi-tier conflicts and paints all such dilemmas in a creatively amusing way.
‘Sometime we demand certain privileges but at the same time we are not ready to take the responsibility’ is also another salient theme of the play.
In one-and-a half hour performance, one gets a riveting performance by the FJWU artists and never once will you realize you are looking at the performance of amateur artists.
One could see the audience bursting into laughter at one time and breaking into tears at another.
According to a number of persons sitting in the audience, the play presented injustice, discord and moral degradation prevailing in the society, which we are causing ourselves but we are not ready to accept the responsibility and rather raise questions on others as if they were the cause of our problems.
The characters of the play portrayed these social problems in an effective manner and conveyed the message to the audience to look into our own actions and see if we are cropping problems for ourselves. The central theme of the play focused on self-correction to solve our social problems.

An official of the PNCA said bringing the youth to drama and theatre is part of the Pakistan National Council of the Arts efforts to explore the creative potential in our youth.
The way they are participating in the festival, is quite reassuring and reaffirms the belief that our youth is second to none in talent and creativity.
The Youth Drama Festival will continue till May 23, 2016 and every day a new play with a new topic is being presented for the audience at 4:00 pm.
Third play of the festival is titled “Umeed” or ‘Hope’ by Federal Urdu University.

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