Confrontation Confrontation in no one’s interest

CHAIRMAN Senate Raza Rabbani is amongst those lawmakers  who are always striving for the supremacy of Parliament and the Constitution. Addressing a seminar in Quetta on Wednesday, he warned against confrontation amongst State institutions and said that Parliament today has become the weakest institution as it is facing onslaught from different quarters.  Given the internal and external challenges facing the country today especially on the security front, the words articulated by Rabbani indeed are the ones that all relevant quarters need to ponder over in order to avoid any confrontation as any such situation will have disastrous repercussions and will roll back all economic and security achievements made by the country over last few years. We fully agree with repeated assertion of the Chairman Senate that all decisions should be taken at the floor of the house as it is the true representative of the masses and also when decisions are taken there, these have a forceful impact. We understand Parliament can only assert its supremacy only when politicians also demonstrate maturity, decency and show leadership qualities and courage. There is no denying the fact that the very acts of elected representatives have undermined Parliament. While it is need of the hour that lawmakers do some retrospection, it is time that all State institutions realise their responsibilities and work within their constitutional ambit as it is the only course through which we can take the country forward and meet all the challenges head on. In May 2011, Raza Rabbani resigned from the Federal Cabinet over Zardari’s decision to forge a coalition with the Pakistan Muslim League-Quaid (PML-Q), even though the alliance was crucial for the PPP government. The following year, he was overlooked for the Senate chairmanship for the second time in three years. Zardari first nominated Farooq H Naek in his place and then Nayyar Hussain Bukhari.

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