Confident PM

THE speech that PM Nawaz Sharif delivered in Okara on Saturday conveyed an unambiguous message to all that the chief executive was fully confident and has no intention of succumbing to pressure being increased by some opposition parties. Referring to the demand of these parties about his resignation, the PM said, “Will Nawaz Sharif resign on your demand? Go and play cricket. Politics is none of your business”.
Mian Nawaz Sharif’s categorical statement is not re-assuring for his party leaders and workers but also for people of Pakistan as this comes in the backdrop of political uncertainty being fuelled by some circles. The Prime Minister also recalled the support he received from electorate in Okara during 2013 elections and hoped they would overwhelmingly renew their confidence in PML (N) in 2018, which is again a message to all that there would be no snap elections and government would complete its tenure. We have been pleading in these columns that there should be no leg-pulling of democratically elected Prime Minister and the party that gets mandate of the people should be allowed to work and deliver for full tenure. It was the wholehearted cooperation extended by PML (N) that the PPP was able to complete five years in office but could not secure confidence of the people, as it did nothing during its entire tenure than minting of money by some people. If PML (N) too failed to fulfill the pledges it made to the people especially in respect of ending load-shedding then it should also prepare itself for voters’ wrath. As for PTI, it previously built pressure on the PM to resign on the pretext of electoral rigging, a charge that proved false during judicial scrutiny, and now it is demanding resignation citing Panama Papers which makes it clear that objective is fall of the government at all costs. PPP should not become part of the rhetoric but obviously it is apprehensive of the fact that if no elections were held before March 2018 then PML (N) would get majority in the Senate, posing challenges to any rival government in future as is being confronted by the party itself at the hands of a PPP-dominated upper house. We hope the PM would continue to focus on development and resolution of problems of the common man as these would be determining factors in next elections.

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