Confident PM

DESPITE all sorts of rumour-mongering and ominous developments, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif seems to be fully confident and this was once again reflected from the remarks he made after his visit to Tajikistan. Talking to accompanying media on Thursday, he said there was nothing to fear as the nation gave him mandate for a full five-year term, had faith in him and firmly believed in his development-oriented policies.
Without elaborating, the Prime Minister also repeated his assertion that conspiracies were being hatched against his government but these would fail as he enjoyed confidence of the nation. The Prime Minister has a valid point as he has satisfactorily been delivering despite leg-pulling during the last four years by vested interests. The speed with which he has been implementing his developmental agenda would brighten prospects for his electoral victory in 2018. There is an impression that some forces are active to deny him this victory and instead discredit him on account of so-called corruption and accountability. We have been emphasising in these columns that instead of hollow claims and the tendency of playing to galleries, all political parties, especially those in power at the centre and in provinces should compete in development and service to the people. A cursory glance over their performance during the last four years would show that with the exception of PML-N, others have nothing substantial to show to the masses to win back their trust during coming elections and that is why most of them are relying on hatching conspiracies. In this backdrop, if present government prepares a cool-minded and well thought out strategy not to be provoked and prolong things with a view to completing its tenure, it can definitely improve its standing further by laying more focus on implementation of its development projects, most of which are nearing completion.

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