Concern expressed over Israeli presence in Sri Lanka

A.c. Shahul ahmeed

Colombo—Political observers have expressed concern over the reported revival of Israeli presence Sri Lanka. Due to overwhelming opposition to the Zionist presence in the country the Sri Lanka Freedom Party – Left Coalition Government headed by Mrs. Sirimavo Bandaranaike closed the Israeli mission in the country in 1977 but recent reports mention the increase of zionists into the island and there are allegations that certain government officials are convincing to help them return in strength.
There is fear that if the zionists return they will create many problems and there is a belief that they will try to create racial and religious tension in Sri Lanka particularly against the Muslim community.
When LTTE was formed i.e.after 1983, the LTTE armed cadres were trained by Israelis in the Sri Lankan jungles.
At the recent voting on a Resolution by the UNESCO which demanded Israeli violations in and around the Al-Haram Al-Sharif compound in the occupied old city of Jerusalem , Sri Lanka bastained from voting, Algiiers, Brazil, China, Iran, Russia and South Africa voted in favour while USA, Britain, Germany, Netherlands, Lithunia and Estonia voted against. The Resolution strongly condemned the escalating Israeli aggression and illegal measures and called on israel to respect the historic status quo and immediately stop these measures.

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