Concept of rich, poor eliminated from KP schools


Abdul Khaliq Qureshi

Abbottabad—Special Advisor to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP), Chief Minister on Higher Education and Information, Mushtaq Ahmad Ghani has said that the PML-N government spent two hundred billion rupees on the project introduced as Orange Train in Lahore, out of which the only 4 percent benefit would be delivered to public at large.
He was addressing a ceremony in regard to the construction of conference hall at Government High School No.3 in collaboration with the PTC with the cost amounting to Rs. 2.1 million, held on Friday.
Speaking on the occasion, Mushtaq Ahmad Ghani said that the concept of difference between the poor and rich had been eliminated entirely in all educational institutions of KP province, because a child of today is a father of tomorrow, hence, all the children reserves their right of equivalent education instead of entering into inferiority complex.
He said that the best educational system could only bring glaring change on the fate of our coming generations, adding that the amount incurred by PTI’s KP government especially on education in lieu of which we could build up motor ways and excessive double orange trains projects, but following the future of our coming generation the PTI chief had brought up our generations on front line, particularly to enhance standard of education that could lonely provide fruit, but had not allowed behavior like novercal with the children.
He said that almost 2.1 million students were facing vacuum of furniture in multiplicity of KP province schools, along with we needs 1500 class rooms at the moment also, but the PTI government will have to complete such direly needed necessities during the forthcoming two years positively.
Ghani said that the PTI government had facilitated the people at large especially with the provision free treatment among many other necessary facilities so that they could survive with efficacious treatment to enter into their future’s nourishment.

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