Concept of a welfare state & Pakistan

Abdul Ahad

President Abraham Lincoln defined democracy in these words; “It is the government of the people, for the people, by the people” A Welfare Democratic State is obliged to provide food, shelter, education, security and basic health facilities to every citizen of the state. Certainly, these are not the preferences of our governments. Our Federal government, as well as Provincial governments, allot a very meagre amount of their budgets for health, education and other basic necessities. Our national debt has increased mani-fold and causing high rate of inflation. It becomes more and more difficult for people to arrange for their basic necessities due to high inflation. Question is not whether we attain or not such perfect condition but whether we are trying to attain this goal. If our government going on this direction, people will be satisfied that they are not helpless. They can hope that their destiny will be changed in future. Building Motorways and Expressways is good but not at the cost of basic necessities. CPEC is the best of all and reflective of government’s vision for a prosperous Pakistani nation, but the latest ECC decision to indirectly strangulate the law-abiding and bill-paying common electricity consumers, is not only unfair, intriguing, coercive and initiative of some evil genius misanthropist in the government ranks who seems to be logically vying for a state of unrest and chaos which would be counter-productive for the government itself, because history is witness that such nasty acts always end up in humiliating, and sometimes bloody, ousters of the tyrant rulers. If you want to levy some tax, then do it directly why to include it in a utility bill. All these big projects, referred to above, are meaningless unless we provide basic necessities to every citizen, what to talk of strangulating the masses under one pretext or the other, in the name of such hi-fi projects. We often compare our conditions with developed countries. They reached at this state by going through a long struggle. London was not built overnight. We should choose our own preferences. Developments, through blackmail and without providing basic necessities may create turmoil and anarchy among people.
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