COMSATS University top rated institution of the country

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Pakistan in recent years has emerged on World University Rankings, and COMSATS University Islamabad is the top rated institution of the country, as ranked by Shanghai World University Rankings and Time Higher Education as recently as last week. Both the rankings place a significant emphasis on impact of the research and academic activity on national scientific productivity and research output.
Since upgradation of COMSATS Institute of Information Technology to COMSATS University Islamabad in April 2018 after approval of National Assembly and the Senate, a disgruntled group of university faculty members, having a vested agenda, havepurportedly organized themselves as an Academic Staff Council (ASC), an illegal body having no statutory support in the COMSATS University Act 2018. The university was upgraded in-line with the Model Universities Ordinance of the Higher Education Commission, Govt. of Pakistan.
This group of disgruntled faculty members on Thursday staged a meeting on campus and organized a protest walk on campus premises under the banner of the ASC, inciting other faculty members to join the banned outfit and disturb the university discipline.
The university administration taking strict notice of this unauthorized assembly and other illegal actions by the illegal council, aimed at disrupting the university’s productive environment, has suspended the purported head of the organization Dr. Mehnaz Haseeb, for being unable to explain the reasons for this incitement. Further the university also issued letters to officials found involved in promoting the illegal body on the campus premises to explain their position.
The CUI’sRegistrar Dr. Fahim A. Qureshi on behalf of the University said that CUI is in a transition phase which includes framing of new rules, statutes and regulations that are being framedunder prescribed rules as per the CUI Act. In this instance some elements among employees are creating unrest among faculty members and students acting on vested agenda of a few faculty members.

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