Comprehensive political dialogue

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani has offered to have; “Comprehensive Political Dialogue” with Pakistan. He said for the sake of peace in the region Afghan government is ready to enter into meaningful, comprehensive negotiations with all the stakeholders including the Taliban. It is Afghan national agenda to work for peace based on logic and reason. He asked terrorist groups to lay down arms and surrender. By use of force no one can make us do anything. We will not succumb to any pressure to give up. He said, “I am extending hand of peace to all. Peace is ordained by Allah Almighty. Our doors are open for all including Taliban.
I think for the first time Dr. Ghani has realized that he cannot win the war and has offered to hold talks with the other parties. It is indeed a good gesture and should be taken seriously by all the concerned people. He has adopted the correct policy to bring peace in the region. He has chosen the right course and should remain steadfast on it. Taliban should also adopt the policy that leads towards permanent peace and security in the region. Leave terrorism ,because it is not in the interest of any party or the country as well.
No one can gain anything from this devilish pursuit. They are all losers. In fact they have lost the war. NATO Forces comprising 38 countries have failed to win the Afghan War. There must be some purpose to the war. Terrorism is a devilish tool that has been rejected by the civilized world.
We must realize that war cannot solve any problem or dispute through terrorism rather it aggravates the situation. Talk or dialogue is the only solution to the endemic conflicts. Americans, Afghan Taliban and Pakistanis must consider Ghani’s offer seriously and act upon it. I think this is a better response to President Trump’s New Afghan initiative. Anything for peace must be honoured and reciprocated by all the parties to the conflict.
Javaid Bashir

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