Commuters demand repair of Rawal Road

Rawalpindi —Rawal road is a great blessing for the residents of the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad but it is breaking up fast at various points due to non repair by any Authority.
The commuters who regularly use it for travelling to various areas through the road have demanded immediate attention of the concerned to save the thoroughfare from further breakup.
The road was built by Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) in 2001 and its upkeep is still in their domain.
Shafique Ahmad, a commuter talking to APP said while the Cheif Minister has sanctioned a big amount for construction of various roads in the city, one is perplexed why a vital alternate road of the city is being allowed to break up due to non repair.
Repeated attempts to contact RDA highups was a futile exercise as no one was available to comment on the issue. Nadir Shah a resident of Scheme One complained it is regrettable that a viable alternate route of the city is going down the drain due to lethargic attitude of the concerned officials.
Shumaila another resident of a nearby colony said one wonders why a viable road is breaking up on which millions were spent for construction and thousands daily travel through this vital link.—APP

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