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There’s no denying that technology has had an enormous impact on business communication as well as almost every other aspect of business. Multitasking is our core competency nowa days. Doing work and learn at the same time with connectivity of the people in the surrounding makes the life fascinating. The ability to instantly communicate with almost anyone from almost everywhere has changed the way that professionals communicate and collaborate many young professionals and execute many different ideas and developments. Technology has considerably improved our lifestyle.
It has made its impact felt on each and every aspect of life, also on the communication techniques like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube… there are innumerable social media networks for employees to connect and spread the awareness to a large extent. Business communication tools, like Slack, can become sources of engagement with their colleagues at work, as employees use private channels to share funny memes and work articles with one another to get entertained and relaxed for better execution of work.
It used to be that, if an employee wanted to learn something new, they would have to do one of the following like Attend a specialized class, Find an experienced mentor or Hunt down industry books/guides. Trend has been changed now, people have phone in their hands 24/7 they can access everything they want and can get in touch with innovation and technology. People around the globe are aware about every matter happening and they have multiple opportunities to learn and create different platform to spread the awareness and to know the behaviours and attributes of other people globally. Nowadays, communication technology in its various forms is being used by businesses for a wide range of purposes including maintaining effective level of communication among the workforce, sending marketing communication messages to current and potential customers, measuring the level of customer satisfaction, making sales, engaging in team building initiatives, increasing the level of employee moral etc.
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