Communalising rape!

Females are soft-targets of violence ranging from domestic to sexual. But the sexual violence particularly rape is most common. Continually, headlines regarding sexual crimes against females, irrespective of their age appear in media. Despite repeated public resentment and subsequent assurances of stringent action from the administration, this crime is spiking with passing time especially in India .The fact that the Rape now has little to do with sex and much more with power through a sort of terrorism has added to the worries. Presently, this felony is being used as a weapon of war, to create fear and psychosis among the population, mostly in conflict-ridden zones.
Countries like Sudan, Syria, and Burma etc are few examples, where the pain is inflicted on masses through sexual violence. Out of misfortune, state of Jammu and Kashmir has also experienced brutalism in this form. The ‘Kunan Posh Pora incident’ and Shopain rape and murder case still exist as fresh wounds for the people of Kashmir that were politically-patronized, largely aimed at creating a sense of terror among people. However, by taking different aspects of horrific Kathau rape-n-murder case into view, it seemed that here also this barbaric act was used as an instrument of terror. Also, it gave impressions of having the patronage of power corridors. The demolition of evidence during an initial investigation, the politicising, and communalising the issue, rallying of sitting ministers in favour of accused, and criminal silence of PM and his jingoistic media hinted of political support. Moreover, demands of right-wing legislators for the transference of case to CBI and discourteous statements from top leaders of the BJP also exculpated the point that the crime was a part of sponsored conspiracy against the nomadic community- to drive them away from their lands.
The most disgustful scenes came into sight when Hinduvta-inclined people jumped into the fray and floated inhumane comments against the victim. It was worst that even female political leaders and self-styled feminists displayed their filthy mentality. Some women warned of burning themselves if accused men were not released. Instead of assisting the victim’s family, so-called law saviours- lawyers sided with the accused and tried to obstruct the legal process. All this was done to communalise and hush up the case, tantamount to legitimating heinous crime and its use as a war weapon.

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