Commissioner orders safe disposal of biodegradable waste

Commissioner of Karachi, Muhammad Sualeh Ahmad Faruqi chairing a meeting to review existing hygienic situation in the metropolis has directed all concerned authorities to ensure regular transportation of bio-degrabadle waste to the dedicated land fill sites functional in the city suburbs.
Chairing a meeting, also attended by Municipal Commissioner of Karachi, Dr. Saif ur Rehman, Chairmen, District Municipal committees, Deputy Commissioners pertaining to all districts of the metropolis, he said surge in the arrival of sacrificial animal, of all categories, from across the country has enhanced the urgency to initiate fool proof arrangements related to hygiene and cleanliness ultimately protecting citizens from any health related emergency.
“This is all the more important as we are preparing for Independence Day and Eid ul Azha festivals with a few days’ gap,” said the Karachi Commissioner.
Municipal Commissioner was particularly urged to ensure that fitness certificates, a mandatory condition for cattle reaching Karachi, are necessarily verified while availability of vaccinators and veterinary staff is also ensured at all entry points of the metropolis and at the dedicated sites for cattle sale.
Since these animals are meant to be sold to general public for Baqra-eid and people of all age groups would be coming into direct contact with the animals hence no complacency can be allowed, emphasized the commissioner.
Precautions, said Faroqi was extremely relevant for timely identification of diseased animals with equal attention that associated waste is also duly disposed off without creating any ghastly scene in any part of Karachi.
Reiterating that Section 144 imposed on unauthorized sale of cattle in Karachi was strictly complied with, he said strict vigilance must be ensured by qualified veterinary staff at each of the identified markets.
He directed that sale of cattle must not be allowed at any other point except the 8 dedicated areas including Super Highway, Aasoo Goth, Cattle Market in Landhi, Babar Market, Moach Goth, Manghopir and Hamdard University.
Karachi Commissioner also urged the Officials representing different Cantonment Boards in Karachi to ensure that decisions made at the meeting are also strictly complied in their respective areas of jurisdiction.
As for the three days of Eid ul Azha festival, citizens having any complaint regarding cleanliness were advised to contact the complaint centre at the Karachi Commissioner office via phone numbers 99205634 and 99203443.
Chairmen of DMCs and Cantonment Board officials were urged that “No Tolerance Approach,” be strictly adopted with regard to removal of offal and other animal waste and adequate arrangements be urgently made for ready availability of vehicles fit for the job as well as staff deputed for the job.
“To avoid any outbreak of disease the waste must be promptly transported to land fill sites,” reiterated the Karachi Commissioner emphasizing that at current point of time and in view of fast approaching independence day celebrations all solid waste must be regularly picked with equal attention towards regular cleaning of sewers and riddance of waste water.
“There is also an urgent need to develop emergency plan for the baqra-eid festival with equal attention to sensitize people in general to avert an possible chance of disease out break,” said Karachi Commissioner.
It was hoped that professional bodies including Pakistan Medical Association and media will assist the Karachi administration in educating the citizens about essential precautions required at individual as well as community levels—APP

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