Commissioner meets community, religious leaders to avert OPV refusal cases

Staff Reporter

Commissioner of Karachi, Ejaz Ahmad Khan held a meeting with religious and community leaders at Jannat Gul Hospital of U.C. Gajro off Gadap Town, Karachi East, to help their support in securing 100% oral polio vaccination coverage in the area.
Senior child specialists and Secretary, Pakistan Pediatric Association – Sindh, Dr. Khalid Shafi also present on the occasion and gave a detailed briefing about safety and efficacy of the vaccine.
He said the oral polio vaccines as well as its injecting variant had no side or any sort of adverse effects and that these were extremely important to protect children against getting crippled.
“I on the basis of my long professional experience can safely claim that the vaccine is absolutely safe and holds no risk whatsoever to the recipient kids,” he said.
Dr. Khalid Shafi said the same vaccine had been used across the globe including muslim world for elimination of the polio virus.
He allayed fear of a sizable number of parents of under five in the area that repeated vaccination could in anyway harm the concerned children.
Karachi Commissioner addressing the religious and community leaders, alongwith the parents, said eradication of polio virus has emerged to be an issue of national dignity as ours alongwith Afghanistan are the only two countries still reporting with polio cases.

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