Commission of inquiry!

Being a Kashmiri! From where to start story of brutalities of “Terrorist India, whose present PM was on top-ten most wanted terrorists of Google’s list, till he became PM”? Kashmiris are suffering since partition of the sub-continent. Recently, at last, United Nations Human Rights, Chief, Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein stated that he would urge the Human Rights Council during Geneva session to consider for establishing a Commission of Inquiry (CoI) to conduct a comprehensive independent international investigation into allegations of human rights violations in Indian Kashmir. Kashmiris’ opinion is that: a well-proved-terrorist has no need for inquiry. It is a case of declaration of India as Terrorist-State and arrangement of plebiscite only-and-only, which was/is accepted by Indian’s (liars) forefathers.
Setting of the Commission is joke with Kashmiris at this stage, in fact. With due respect Mr. Zeid, I read during studentship – 50 years back – that if a case is needed to be dubbed, the easiest way is to establish ‘Commission’. Realistically, the Indian armed forces brutalities have failed to control over Kashmiris-freedom-struggle. The sustained Kashmiris’ freedom struggle has frustrated the Indian armed forces.
So, recently, Indian Army Chief in an interview published a few days ago said “Talks must happen. Because, a lot of local’s population are joining militancy, rapidly. The more we kill the more are joining. Infiltration can be controlled, but this cycle of recruitment could not be. So, let’s give peace a chance and see. This was/is tact of {liar’s} only!
To conclude, the sustained freedom struggle of Kashmiris manifests that they do not want to live with India. At the time of graving, wrapping of Shaheeds in Pakistani-flag (clearly) shows for living with Pakistan. The killing of innocent civilians with bullets instead of terrorizing, Kashmiris are boosting their resolve for the right of self-determination. So, justice demands for declaring India as Terrorist-State and implementation of UNSC’s declarations, instead of establishing COI!!
Tatrinote, AK

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