Commerce Ministry realises importance of PHDEC

Salim Ahmed


The Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FPCCI) has welcomed the decision to revive the defunct Pakistan Horticulture Development and Export Company (PHDEC) which will help boost exports of horticulture products, provided a strict check was kept on the performance of the company.
Regional Chairman of the FPCCI Horticulture Exports Committee, Ahmad Jawad said. PHDEC will be revived and reinvigorated to increase the export of kinnow, citrus fruits and other fruits. As he is of the firm opinion that the defunct company could play a significant role in the export of fruits. Though Commerce Ministry (MOC) was realised after the span of four years.
He said new varieties will be developed, for which there is existent demand. It was also decided to convene a meeting of the main agriculture and horticulture exporters to work out recommendations for PHDEC revival and drawing a road map for increasing fruit exports.
Jawad hope that PHDEC will work on improvement of quality by ensuring strict regulatory mechanism, pre-shipment inspection so that Pakistan’s fresh produce exports could reliable. In this regard a task force will be constituted too for increasing exports of mango, kinnow and other fruits and also to make recommendations for the revival of PHDEC.
On the country kinnow exports for the coming season (2017-18); Jawad briefed that kinnow crop is not bumper for this year due to sudden hail storms and less rains in the area. However the quality of fruit is quite stable. Kinnow Farmers of Sargodha district will get ex farm rate at Rs 20 per kg which was decided and will implemented under the supervision of local administration.
He advised the kinnow exporters and PFVA to support the decision regarding ex farm rate of kinnow to strengthen the farmers, because from the last two years farmers would suffer badly due to affects of climate changes.
FPCCI Committee Chairman also viewed Pakistan policy maker’s needs to work out to support Agriculture sector to strengthen rural economy which could help to support at national level.
As we’re lagging behind the Indian Punjab though the condition of soil, climate and other factors is almost same,” he says. “Similarly, we have large produce of citrus and milk and many multinational companies in the domestic market, but we couldn’t translate these factors into the export of processed or value-added by-products of the farm produce “Ours is one of the most blessed countries in terms of climate, fertile land and other natural resources. But, unfortunately, those who lead us lack vision because they haven’t come forward on merit; Jawad concluded.

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