Commanders’ soothing message

AT a time when political temperature was running high on the issue of formation of Joint Investigation Team (JIT) at Supreme Court directions, the Corps Commanders meeting under Army Chief Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa sent a clear but soothing message to all concerned that representatives of ISI and MI in JIT would perform their role in a legal and transparent manner. The ISPR statement also said that the Army would fulfil confidence reposed by the Supreme Court.
In normal circumstance, the Army would not have issued such a statement but it was forced to do so in view of propaganda campaign unleashed by some circles and political parties about formation of the JIT, questioning its ability to work in an independent and transparent manner. In the first place, there should have been no such apprehensions as the Supreme Court delivered a landmark verdict, which in a way is also against the sitting government and its powerful bench is going to monitor progress of investigations by JIT and would deliver its own judgement on the basis of findings of the probe. Secondly, technical issues would obviously be handled by the State Bank of Pakistan, Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan, National Accountability Bureau and FIA but the apex court thought it appropriate to include members from MI and ISI mainly to add to credibility and respectability of the JIT and allay fears, if any, about its ability to carry out a fair probe. But regrettably some circles are running after far-fetched ideas in their bid to make the JIT controversial. However, after categorical assurance by top policy and decision-making forum of Pakistan Army, there should be no reservations by anyone. This should be particularly so when this national institution is headed by a General who is known for his non-political conduct and professionalism. As efforts were also being made to pressurise and criticise the Supreme Court, the Army has also sent a message of solidarity and cooperation to the apex court. We hope that this latest development would suffice to satisfy those who wanted to perpetuate the controversy over formation of JIT.

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