Comfort in injustice, not justice

Hashim Abro

Justice indeed serves as the strongest support for any social system. The Lord of the Universe has decreed justice to be a means to straighten human affairs on the earth and to protect man from oppression, disorder, and disobedience; as it is through justice only that social laws can be revived in the society and effectively put into force. Hazrat Ali (AS) says in his letter to Malik al-Ashtar reads as, “ The greatest source of joy for the governors is the establishment of justice in the land, and the emanation of love from his subjects.”
But unfortunately our rulers are determined to commit injustices against the citizens. The State is not giving the rights and services to the citizens is among the primary ethical ideals in the Islamic political system and also enshrined and guaranteed by the Constitution of Pakistan. Look at the inflated utility bills such as gas and electricity! Misappropriation of public funds goes unabated. Dispensation of justice in all its forms and manifestation is exceedingly slow in this country, people are not promoted in the next grade timely and a few public sector organisations have failed to frame their employees service rules and the employees would not get even a single penny as pension after their retirement.
Injustice is being done and unjust people in all walks of life are protected and many promoted and many repeatedly rehired even after their retirement and mental debilitation and mental incompetency. Sadly, for our rulers, bureaucrats and technocrats, there is comfort in corruption and injustice, and not in transparency and justice.

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