Colonial principles

The Multan Electricity Power Company has launched a survey to find out how many houses have 11KV lines passing over them and to determine whether the houses or the wires were built there first. The 11KV lines are used for power distribution in the cities and in all the free and civilized countries of the world such distribution lines are passed over private properties only after a proper compensatory contract with the private land owners. But WAPDA had adopted the 1910 India Electricity Act that was originally framed by the East India Company which stated that no such contract was required and the lines could be bulldozed over any place without any permission of the land owners.
Thus at Chungi No. 6 in Muzaffargarh such lines were erected 50 years ago over a private site when it was lying empty. The city population started expanding a decade ago (Pakistan’s population has escalated to 220 million from only 30 million in 1947) and people had to build houses on their empty plots which already stood encroached by WAPDA/MEPCO under colonial principles. As a result now these wires are passing over people’s houses and pose a serious threat to their life. The government of Pakistan is requested to order MEPCO to remove those HT wires passing over private houses to the roadside—their proper place.

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