Collective efforts of stakeholders must to improve literacy: Razina

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“We have to take a step forward to make the ‘Right to Education’ a fundamental right under Article 25-A of the Constitution, and by giving education number one national priority and key driver of socio-economic development in the 21st century”. This was observed by the chairperson NCHD former Senator Razina Alam Khan in a meeting with Pakistan Human Development Fund headed by Mr. Zulfiqar Ahmad on Thursday.
She said that it is a general experience that literacy programs in Pakistan could not produce desired results. In fact from the very beginning adult literacy and non-formal education remained almost a political slogan and failed at the implementation level, she viewed. Every government’s mandate, each development plan and all education policies were decorated with rhetoric on literacy, she observed. Persistent efforts were not made to develop non-formal education sector on professional lines and to institutionalize adult literacy programs, she added.
Present government of PML N has innitiaves for building concrete educational foundation of the country and gave top priority to education in its manifesto, she informed. In this connection it is encouraging to note the decrease in Out of School Children from 24 million to 22.6 million and adjusted net enrollment rate from 72% to 77% during the last three years, alongwith increase of students in the public sector schools, she added. Total gross enrollment of all sectors & levels of education increased from 44.4 million to 47.5 million, and in the current year for the first time due to the untiring efforts of PML N the results of government schools are better than the private sector schools, she further added.
In the meeting PHDF pledged to work in collaboration with NCHD and provide funds for eradication of illiteracy from the country, under Vision 2025. Under this new project 2000 Adult Literacy Centers will be established by NCHD in which 50,000 illiterates will be made literate. Learners of these centers will be attaining Basic Literacy & Functional Literacy Skills along with Early Childhood Development, which will make them useful and responsible citizens of the country. These 2000 literacy teachers and 200 supervisors will be trained in the newly established National Training Institute at Islamabad for the successful running of these adult literacy centers.

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