Coke Studio explorer opens with Pareek


Coke Studio, the biggest and leading music platform in the country, officially launched the brand-new module, Coke Studio Explorer, with the release of its first song ‘Pareek’ featuring a Kalash-based duo of friends, Ariana and Amrina.
With ‘Pareek’. Coke Studio Explorer and producers Ali Hamza and ZohaibKazi bring a very special story of two girls, Ariana and Amrina, from the snowcapped remote mountains of the Kalash Valley of Chitral District, located between the borders of Pakistan and Afghanistan.
They represent the small ethnic community of around 4000 indigenous Kalasha people – known for their unique yet vibrant culture and diverse language. Born in the Bamburet Valley, Ariana and Amrina have been exposed to music and folklore as part of their culture and tradition, since birth. Their love for music is so deeply embedded that Ariana, named Farsi Gul at birth, changed her name earlier this year after being inspired by the music of international star, Ariana Grande.
Recorded inside a small wooden cabin in freezing temperatures, ‘Pareek’ marks their first commercial collaboration. The age-old folklore is a story of love, persuading the companion to ‘Pareek’, translating to ‘let’s go!”.

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