CNICs re-verification campaign

AS controversy over hundreds of thousands of blocked CNICs refused to die and some political parties tried to give the campaign against aliens an ethnic colour, Interior Minister Ch Nisar Ali Khan clarified Saturday that the campaign is not against Pakhtuns but the aliens illegally possessing Pakistani cards.
There is no doubt that in the past with the connivance of black sheep in NADRA, many aliens managed to get the CNICs. It was after the killing of Taliban Chief Mullah Akhtar Mansour from whom Pakistani CNIC was discovered that the NADRA started the CNIC re-verification campaign on the directions of Interior Minister Ch Nisar Ali Khan. Addressing the news conference, Nisar also confirmed that 174, 184 cards of confirmed aliens are being cancelled. Given the firm stance of Nisar on security related matters, we expect that he will not fall short of taking this important campaign to its logical end at the earliest and take firm action against all illegal immigrants, many of whom, pose security threat to the country as it is anybody’s guess as to how many of them are agents of hostile agencies. Also stern action should be taken against officials with whom connivance these aliens managed to get the cards. Whilst opposition parties would have some genuine concerns over blockage of CNICs of bona fide Pakistanis but while doing so, they should remain extra careful as linking the matter to a particular ethnic group could have far serious consequences. Being a serious matter, the parties should avoid doing politics on it rather help out the authorities concerned in completing the task in an effective manner. At the same time, we also expect that the NADRA live up to general reputation of efficiency on this matter as blockage of CNIC of any bona fide national causes all sorts of inconvenience such as inability to obtain passport or to open a bank account.

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