CNG crisis in Pakistan

Sumaiya Fayyaz

During the past more than one decade, a large number of vehicles were converted to run on CNG (Compress Natural Gas). Hence, Pakistan has an enormous number of CNG filling stations. The public began utilizing CNG; even the public transport started running on CNG. As per the figures of 2009, there were 21,91,000 vehicles utilizing CNG Engines/CNG Kits and 2941 CNG refilling stations in the country.
Now a larger part of CNG stations, established with heavy investments, are lying inoperative and because of the humiliation faced by the commuters and car owners has got their CNG kits removed from their vehicles. One wonders as if where are the policy makers and the government high-ups who led the investors to spend billions on CNG stations but now, everything has gone waste. Will the high-ups in the Ministry of Petroleum, cast a patriotic glance at this issue as well?
— Karachi

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