CM Secretariat reacts to partial portrayal, frenzy reporting

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The spokesman of Chief Minister’s Secretariat has reacted to the partial portrayal and frenzy style of reporting by certain media groups alleging lavish spending by the provincial government on swimming pool in the Chief Minister’s House and other constructions in total disregard to the better cause behind the project. Giving the actual background of the whole scenario, he clarified that a plan was sketched out to declare the Chief Minister House as a provincial government guest house for the stay of prominent, domestic and foreign investors and tax payers.
The swimming pool was one part of the overall renovation of the Chief Minister’s House as from the very outset, the Chief Minister Pervez Khattak kept on using a normal residential facility opposite to the Chief Minister House Annexy. Never ever, Pervez Khattak used the Chief Minister House as his residence which all the former Chief Ministers used as residence.
The spokesman went on saying that the Chief Minister had spoken his mind openly at different occasions against using the Chief Minister House as his residence even he kept on staying in a rented house in Hayatabad when the present government came to power. For the security purpose, the Chief Minister was advised to shift to the Chief Minister House but he vehemently declined to shift to the Chief Minister House. However, on constant advices, the government arranged a normal residential bungalow previously used by administrative secretaries and the Chief Minister shifted to it.
The spokesman added that the Chief Minister had openly and even during his interactions at different occasions with media-men kept on telling that he would never use the Chief Minister House as his residence and would use it for some bigger cause then he decided that because of the location of the Chief Minister House, the government would invite the foreign and domestic investors and major tax payers to stay in the Chief Minister House.

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