CM says Rs 60 billion development work will be carried out in Karachi


Salahuddin Haider

Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah revealed Sunday that development work to the tune of Rs 60 billion will be carried out in Karachi, which will be in addition to Rs 10 billion, already promised for various projects. A Happy augury of the round-the-city tour, which he undertook for several hours, was his accepting the mistake of not taking Mayor Waseem Akhtar along with him, but promised to make amends, and invite him to be with him during visits to Karachi areas in future.
In a separate statement, Waseem Akhtar too acknowledged that he had been assured fullest cooperation by the chief minister in developing Karachi, which had remained neglected for a considerable time now Shah praised Waseem Akhtar, saying he is doing a good job. He also admitted that Karachi had become garbage dump and needed round the clock care.
He asked the local government minister Jam Khan Shoro and Karachi commissioner to expedite the job of removing garbage dumps and ensuring that pending development work is speeded up in Karachi. The senator from Karachi Saeed Ghani who also his adviser now, was also with him.
He said Karachi’s problems could not be solved within hours. These had remained neglected for years together, but efforts have to be made now to mend mistakes of the past. He said that water supply project will be completed in four months time. Five development projects are under execution at present, which will be completed by the end of this month.
The point to ponder is that the chief minister indisputably had been on the toes ever since taking up his new responsibilities as chief executive of the province, but some analysts feel that his team was lacking the will and the spirit to keep pace with him.

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