CM raps opponents for allegations of no development in Punjab


Shahbaz inaugurates 100-bed government hospital at Manawan

Salim Ahmed


Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif said on Friday that the political opponents who have leveled allegations against him will be called ‘IG of liars’ if they fail to give proofs against him in the court of law, while speaking in the inauguration ceremony of a 100-bed hospital at Manawa.
‘While every single hospital in Punjab is providing best healthcare to the masses, when dengue virus came in KP their provincial leadership went for hiking, Shahbaz said while inaugurating the 100-beds Government Tehsil Headquarters Hospital Manawan.
Shahbaz inspected the hospital as well as the filter clinic afterwards. He went to different wards and checked the quality of medical facilities provided to the patients and inquired after the health of the patients as well. He checked the emergency wards meant for children, women and male patients and put up questions to the patients and their family members about the quality of healthcare facilities available in the hospital.
Addressing the inaugural ceremony, Shahbaz said, ‘we should learn to call a spade a spade and due to the un-adoptability of this social behavior, Pakistan is lost in the darkness for the last 70 years. If the 210 million people of Pakistan could succeed to devise a system to call a spade a spade, then Pakistan shall be transformed as an epitome of Islamic welfare state envisioned by Quaid-e-Azam and Iqbal. People belonging to different segments of the society should jointly work to make Pakistan an Islamic welfare state. If we did not make Pakistan an Islamic welfare state and continued to plunder, then the nation will not forgive us. Therefore, all the people are required to play their role for the elimination of this system of loot along with ensuring a justifiable distribution of resources.’
He said, ‘today is the time to reform ourselves and ensure that every penny of the government’s kitty will be utilized for public welfare and the provision of healthcare facilities to them.
He said the elements criticizing the public welfare initiatives are not well-wishers of the people. ‘Some used to level baseless allegations that no work is being done in the healthcare sector in Punjab as we are fond of constructing metro and roads.
You leveled baseless allegations and we have replied back by constructing such wonderful hospital. You have failed to improve the healthcare in your own province and have also not succeeded in launching the metro service,’ he said.
On the other side, Shahbaz said, when dengue attacked there, then you did not responded to the goodwill gesture of the Punjab government and rather, escaped to the mountains by leaving the patients in the lurch in Peshawar and announced that dengue would be automatically eliminated in the cold weather.

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