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Shahbaz honours position holder students

Salim Ahmed

Lahore—Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif arranged a function in honour of students Mahzeb Nasim and Naurin Kausar obtaining record marks in examination of 9th class of Multan and Gujranwala Boards at Model Town, here today. The Chief Minister congratulated both the daughters of the nation, their parents and teachers on his behalf and on behalf of Punjab government. He also gave a cash prize of one lakh rupees, a laptop to each girl student and announced to deposit an amount of five lakh rupees each in the accounts of both the students. He also gave a cash prize of 50 thousand rupees each to their teachers. Shehbaz Sharif announced that Punjab government will bear the educational expenses of both the students throughout their academic career.
He also announced free treatment of the ailing father of Mahzeb Nasim who belongs to Kabirwala. Addressing the ceremony, the Chief Minister said that equipping youth with education and promotion of quality education is essential for realizing the dream of progress and prosperity of Pakistan as well as ensuring its due status in the comity of nations. Shehbaz Sharif requested the elements staging sit-ins and protests to come forward and help in the promotion of education and improvement of health facilities. He said that Punjab government has started revolutionary programmes for the promotion of quality education and imparting education to talented children of poor families.
He said that Punjab Educational Endowment Fund has also been set up by the government which is unique in the country’s history. He said that from the income of historic fund of Rs.20 billion, more than one lakh talented boy and girl students of extremely low-income families are getting education and their number will increase beyond two lakh by the end of this year.
He said that brilliant boy and girl students of low-income families have become doctors, engineers, bankers and professors with the help of this revolutionary fund and are serving the nation. He said that had such a fund been set up in the past 70 years, perhaps no child would have remained deprived of education due to lack of resources. He said that educational funds like PEEF should also be set up in Balochistan, KPK, Sindh and Azad Kashmir. Shehbaz Sharif further said that education is the only way to change the destiny of the nation and sit-ins should be staged only for such objectives. He said that it is time to utilize all out energies for imparting latest knowledge to the youth who are future of the nation instead of hampering the process of national progress and prosperity.
He said that staging of sit-ins for stopping the process of national progress will be disastrous for the country and will not be permitted by nation. He said that 100 percent merit has been introduced in Punjab and examination system has also been made transparent due to which brilliant students like Mahzeb Nasim and Naureen Kausar are coming forward who have set records by obtaining 504 marks out of total of 505 marks in the examination of 9th class. The Chief Minister further said that it is a coincidence that both these daughters of the nation have got 504 marks.
He said that it is lamentable that the direction of the nation as a whole has not been proper in the last 70 years and due attention has not been paid to the vital sector of education. He said that due to this fact, talented students of the nation have remained deprived of education due to lack of resources and Pakistan could not benefit from their talent. He said that Punjab government has taken unprecedented measures for the promotion of education due to its key importance.
He said that splendid programmes are continuing for the encouragement of position holder boy and girl students and the ceremony held today has also been arranged in the honour of such daughters of the nation who have got record marks in the 9th class examination. He congratulated Mehzab Nasim and Naureen Kausar on behalf of Punjab government, people of Punjab as well as his own behalf and felicitated the parents, teachers and families of girl students. He said that both these students have got a prominent place in the society due to hard work and the whole nation is proud of their success. He said that the function held today has been arranged for the encouragement of these daughters of the nation and their teachers. Shehbaz Sharif further said that only those countries progress where men and women work hard in the practical fields by remaining within spheres.
He made an appeal to the daughters of the nation to come into the field after getting education and degrees and play their due role in national progress and development. He said that an amount of Rs.30 to 40 lakh is spent on the education of a doctor in a private institution while government is also spending billions of rupees of the poor nation on the education of doctors in public sector institutions, therefore, if a girl after getting degree does not serve the ailing humanity, this amount is wasted. He said that it is a big challenge as women after becoming doctors, engineers, professors or getting higher education remain confined to their homes and do not work side by side men in the practical field.

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