CM congratulates Sikh community over festival of Vaisakhi


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Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif has congratulated the Sikh community over the traditional festival of Vaisakhi.
In his message of felicitations to the Sikh community, he said that history of celebrating the traditional festival of vaisakhi in the Sub-continent was centuries old. It was an occasion of festivity which symbolized societal love, affection and happiness at the grassroots besides denoting the arrival of spring season, he added.
In this season, the farmers in this part of the world started cutting their wheat crop and such traditional public fairs and carnivals were organized to symbolise jubilant emotions of the farming community. It is also an occasion to express love and affection with each other, he said.
The chief minister said the government equally shared the joys of the Sikh community because sharing of each other’s joys and happiness promoted brotherhood and a sense of unity.
He said that people from different faith and belief enjoyed complete liberty to follow their religions in Pakistan. There were quite a number of sacred places of Sikh community in Punjab and other parts of the country and the government had always given complete attention to well-being, renovation and security of Sikh Gurdawaras in Pakistan, he added.
Along with it, all facilities had been provided to the Sikh community to perform their religious ceremonies and during our government tenure, further improvements had been brought in arrangements of Gurdawaras, concluded the chief minister.

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