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CM assures Mehsud tribe of redressal of grievances

Staff Reporter


Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa met with the elders of Mehsud Tribe of South Waziristan District assuring them that all out efforts will be made to address their grievances. The meeting took place at the Chief Ministers House in which important political figures from the Mehsud Tribe also announced joining Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf.
Those joining the ruling party include General Secretary PML-N Dilawar Mehsud, Divisional Chief PML-N Ismail Khan Mehsud, Gulab Khan Mehsud from JUI and Abdul Razaq from Barqi Welfare association. Elders from the Mehsud Tribe appraised the Chief Minister on their concerns including widespread public apprehensions regarding the recent Census, corruption in Development Schemes and concerns on the ongoing survey for damage assessment.
The Chief Minister was informed that Mehsud Tribe has suffered the most during the militancy which has left their businesses destroyed, families displaced, educational institutions razed, hospitals incapacitated and homes in wreckages. The elders informed the Chief Minister that development plans should be finalized on war footings keeping in view the public aspirations adding that all development schemes to be undertaken in the Mehsud Belt should be finalized with the consensus of locals.
Furthermore, the Chief Minister was also informed on the minerals deposits, including gold, copper and chromite, in South Waziristan adding that development schemes for uncapping these hidden resources will prove to be a major boost for the country’s economy.